Headstrong (Single)

by Spectral Fires

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released November 15, 2015

Recorded and mixed by Matt D’Arcy at Basin Productions, Melbourne, Victoria.
Co-produced by Matt D’Arcy and Spectral Fires.
Mastered by Joseph Carra at Crystal Mastering, Thornbury, Melbourne.



all rights reserved


Spectral Fires Melbourne, Australia

Melodic hardcore for fans of Defeater, Touche Amore and Carpathian.

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Track Name: Headstrong
Standing on the edge of the best or the rest of my time
Waiting for a murmur or a hint of a sign
Tears will come before the end
But I’ll try minimise the surprise, the consequences unseen
That I know are real waiting round the corner with a weight I can feel.
It seems from here that the way is clear but what is hidden? You know what I fear.
Sure feet but no direction; no lights no lines at the intersection.
I have what it takes to illuminate but I cannot understate the height of the stakes
or underestimate the effort you make
so I will find my own way each day and no matter what they may say the best is ahead.

Anticipation’s all we know
and it’s building up, I’m ready to explode.
So we have to make the most of this season,
‘cause the winds can change without reason.
No time to rest or take it slow
I don’t wanna grow old without something to show
so tell me what you think and what you see
‘cause I believe that we’ve already been freed
With everything that we need
With every motion and scheme
With every notion of the things that we might do to succeed -
But fate or chance could yet intervene.

Still, in the face of it all
We can never lose sight
Of how our lives are endowed
Soaked in perennial light
And when I look down at the firm ground and my surrounds, there is hope something will grow; we will grow.

Standing on the edge of a precipice hoping for the best as I guess at the way to proceed.
So many paths, so little idea of a normal life and a wasted dream.
But fall or flight, be in it for life –
whatever comes I will cherish the ride and sing
into the sky if nobody will listen
I will find my own way each day and no matter what they may say the best is ahead.
Track Name: Unholy
Have we reached something vital and permanent?
Is there a sign we’ve found what people seek
’til their twilight years in desperation and fear?
Are we blessed by serendipitous circumstance?
Or is this all just an ephemeral afterglow?
We can bask and wait for it to fade
But we can never recapture it

Not lonely, I like being alone
With my poison, my only precious one
Will I always be living life on a crutch, hoping my deeds never catch (never catch, never catch) me?
Not lonely, I like being alone
With my poison, unholy precious one
Will I always be living life on a crutch, hoping my dreams never catch (never catch, never catch) me?

I dread the day I pay the price of the decades’ decay.
Old man, cold lips, neck as stiff as the drink that he sips.
I can’t eliminate the prospect
Or quell the paranoia and the sense of dismay
Disdain for every choice I make for me or you
I rest assured it’s just part of the game we play
I can’t afford your trust, with myself this way

… me up to face me, they chase me, I can’t escape the things I’ve done or didn’t do
My dreams displace me, they outpace me, but I can wait as they will fade